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Chamomile Extract - 8015-92-7

Chamomile Extract
CAS NO.: 8015-92-7
Active Ingredient: 10:1
Sieve Analysis: 100% through 80 mesh
Test Method: UV
Chamomile Extract description
Product basic infomation:
Chinese Name:Chamomile Extract
Latin Name:Matricaria Recutita
English Name:chamomile
Part:Dried flower
Appearance:yellow brown powder
Place of Origin:Native to Britain, planted in Germany, France and Morocco, Matricaria from Europe, Asia and China's xinjiang, Now in southern China and Beijing
Plant Morphology:About 30 centimeters high,yellow in the center,petal is white with slightly hairy leaves
Extraction Method:water extract and alcohol precipitate
Chemical Component:water-soluble
Pharmacologic Action:
1.Calm effect is good, it can alleviate anxiety, tension, anger and fear, make person relax with patience, feel peaceful.It can alleviate anxiety, let the heart calm, and is helpful to insomnia.
2.Chamomile has analgesic function, can alleviate
muscle pain, especially for the pain caused by nervous, also is helpful for back pain.
3.It can relieve burns, blisters, inflamed wounds and ulcers.It’s helpful to improve psoriasis, eczema, papula, herpes,super sensitive skin and general allergic phenomenon.

Related product application:

1.Lancome pure gel cream
It’s specially designed for oily skin, contain particles liposuction factor, can penetrate into pores, sebum, absorbed by the roots and join chamomile extract to get soothe effect, make the skin more comfortable.And this range of products has the same fresh floral with perfume, before, in and after taste brings you the best pleasure.

2.Biotherm new wisdom whitening control enzyme essence
Whitening enzyme is known as "scavenger of skin", it can control the secretion of melanin, make it come out without chance;Kiwi fruit extract can fade spots, more intimate is joined the chamomile and liquorice essence, effectively soothe irritation caused by sunlight, dust,protecting skin from all-dimension.

3.EliZAbeth Arden space-time pure toner
Pink texture is very lovable, looks very good, but when daub it without the feeling of massiness, oil control effect is also very good, chamomile plant ingredients has the effect of cleaning and purification, make skin fresh,bright and clean.

4.Herborist after sun repair essence dew
Many people like to carry it with them, spray design is very easy to use, cat 's-foot, chamomile, chrysanthemum and other Chinese herbal medicine essence can quickly help to replenish water, adjust the skin pH value, repair sensitive skin, effectively against skin damage caused by sunburn.

5.SISLEY plant complex essence serum
Aromatherapy is the biggest characteristic of it,put sage, rosemary and chamomile, rose and other natural plant ingredients together,make skin self repair using rest time in the night, will have the natural color and moist feeling.

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